Traditional Wooden Boat Builder in Fowey, Cornwall

Traditional Wooden Boat Builder in Fowey, Cornwall

Phone Number: 07973 420 568

Wooden Boat Repairs & Restoration
Fowey, Cornwall

Are you looking for wooden boat repairs & restoration in Fowey, Cornwall? Marcus Lewis Boat Builder offers a complete range of wooden boat building services. We can undertake new builds, repairs or restoration of wooden boats or yachts from our central workshop in Fowey. We only use traditional methods and craftsmanship in our project to preserve the authenticity of the vessel. Call today if you require a wooden boat builder in Cornwall.

Specialist Vessel Renovation

Over the years we have repaired and restored vessels of all sizes and construction. Our services include, but aren't limited to:

  • Re-decking
  • Re-planking, caulking, replacing rotten structural timber such as deadwood, stems, hogs, transoms and general restoration
  • Re-fastening
  • Renovation of metalwork and skin fittings, water, electrical gas & sanitary systems
  • Painting & varnishing
  • Re-fitting windows and ports, replacing corroded or rotten frames and floors
  • Raking out deck seams and re-caulking with appropriate medium (pitch, poly sulphide, synthetic rubber)
restoring a classic wooden racing boat wooden sailing boat restored
new wooden racing yachts

New Wooden Boat Builds

Our technicians are capable of designing and building a new boat from raw timber to your specifications. The boat will be built with traditional craftsmanship to make it unique. We can either work with you to develop a bespoke design or draw inspiration from existing vessels. If required, we can re-create copies of older, discontinued models.

Fowey River Class Dinghies

First built in Fowey Cornwall in the 50s, these classics were a phenomenon and we are dedicated to bringing them back. We just launched numbers 63 & 64, which were our 9th and 10th dinghies of this class. If you are looking to buy a Fowey River-class, give us a call and we will be happy to help either sourcing a second-hand vessel or building a new one from scratch.

small river class raving yacht
building a troy class racing yacht

Troy Class Yachts

Troy Class Yachts have been a Fowey speciality since the first one was built in 1929. The first was built by Archie Watty under the commission of Sir Charles Hanson. Others were so impressed with the design and construction, more were commission and eventually a new class was formed.  In the last 6 years, Marcus Lewis has built 4 new boats, bringing the total fleet number up to 28.

Marcus Lewis Boat Builder specialise in wooden boat repairs & restoration in Fowey, Cornwall. If you dream of owning a new wooden boat, making plans for repair and restoration works, or you need guidance on an inherited vessel, get in touch with Marcus on 07973 420 568 or complete the contact form to send an email.